10 Years in the Making


D&C 10 Year-5I met Denise & Cody from an ad I posted on the Owens Valley Online Garage Sale Facebook page. Denise contacted me via Facebook to book a photoshoot with her hubby of 10 years and their little pup, Mia, also 10 years in the making.

D&C 10 Year

D&C 10 Year-20

I couldn’t believe that a couple so photogenic and in love as these two have NEVER taken proper pictures together. You see how true of a pleasure this photo shoot was for me? Not only did they give me an opportunity to “expand my portfolio” HA! I still sound silly saying that, but Phil and I also made 2 friends by the end of the session (3 counting Mia).D&C 10 Year-27

Denise & Cody moved to Bishop around the same time Phil & I did, however our circle of friends had, up until this point, not overlapped. These two lovebirds are high school sweet hearts, such a great story.

D&C 10 Year-32 D&C 10 Year-46When I asked then to dance, I was met with some giggles, but here these two are, dancing in the middle of the nowhere, with no music, and having a great time.
D&C 10 Year-72D&C 10 Year-49 D&C 10 Year-75

Congratulations Denise & Cody! Cheers to 10+ more great years to come. So glad to have met you both.D&C 10 Year-80D&C 10 Year-87

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