A Day w/ Steve & Amo

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Phil and I were fortunate to meet these 2 a few years back. Amy’s parents own Rock Creek Lakes Resort, which Phil and I are both former employees of. In recent years Amy’s parents have been giving more responsibility to Amy and her now finance, Steve. Steve and Amy have been great people to work with, work for, and just all-around great people to consider friends.

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The 2 got engaged in September 2015. This was no surprise to their friends and family since the two have been inseparable since 2009. Steve so delicately put it, “I knew she was the one from the very first day I met her.”

Congratulations to you both – we love you so much <3

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  1. Jennifer Wiese

    March 20, 2016 at 3:01 pm

    I am so glad you posted these pics. I have been curious how they turned out ever since Mike spoke about their save the date photo. Which one is it? Such a cute couple. Mike was raggin on Steve’s hipster beard. I like it. I think mike is jealous cuz he wouldn’t be able to pull off the ‘look’ and really wants one just like it.( of course he won’t admit it). Will you be taking their wedding photos? Say, I absolutely love your ‘thank you’ card. You are so good at free hand drawing. How have you been? Will you have the weekend we come out off? I was hoping we could all get out for a birthday hike. Greg and I will be going up to June Lake Wednesday and Thrusday then to Bishop Friday to Monday. We were hoping to have dinner at Nivados maybe Saturday nite. Oh, and Myriam says if it is patio weather you guys will be able to join us for breakfast. Tonite my friend, Luanne, and I will be going to a sound therapy held up at the yoga studio. This will be my third time. I have also been going to Friday night meditation there ( live music the first Friday of the month). Carly ( the owner) offers such a variety of classes and workshops. I have enjoyed taking part in most that have been offered. I have started working more hours at the clinic. I am not liking it. Basically it is just a longer day for me on Tuesday and Thursday. I think the hours would be fine it is the job itself. Insurance companies have become so hard to deal with. I come home with my neck muscles all knotted up from trying to deal with them. Anyway I guess I will stick it out for a while longer. How else will I pay for all extra curricular activities? ( I really am so spoiled). Hugs to you. Can’t wait to see you in April. Love you, JW senior…

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    • julianna.marina

      March 21, 2016 at 7:00 am

      Thank you so much Jennifer for the comment – i’ll give you a call today, we need to catch up!


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