A Homage to Nelle Pierson

Nelle Pierson. The kind of girl that gets sh*t done. Nelle Pierson. If you’re a guy, you want to date her. Hell, if you’re a girl, you still want to date her. Nelle Pierson.To get to the point, she is someone you want to know.


I’m not going to tell the whole romantic story of when we first met, how we oogled into each other’s eyes and longed to be bike riding buddies, close friends and future room mates, but that’s kinda how it all happened.


I do want to share a couple fun stories though. Like the time Nelle almost got me put in jail – slight exaggeration – we were biking around Fort Collins, trying to gather items on a list for a bike scavenger hunt (so much fun). While Fumie and Lara were biking around with a cinder block in their back pack, Nelle and I decided we would try to cross off “stop sign” from our team list. I’m pretty sure stop signs are riveted or something, but while we were making a useless attempt of dismantling the stop sign – yeah totally illegal – a cop pulled up. “Umm ladies please walk toward the police vehicle…” we hear as the cop gets out of his car. We were about halfway between the cop and where our bikes were. This is funny, Nelle – without hesitation – dashes like a thief in the night – straight towards her bike. In doing so, she yells “Runnnnnnnnnn!”


So what do I do? I run like a mother f*cker. By this time Nelle is already like a million miles away. I get on my bike and pedal till my lungs are about to explode. You know when you get that icky blood taste in your throat. It was like that. To me, we just committed a major crime, I’m not talking about trying to steal a stop sign, but the crime of fleeing the scene. Evading arrest. Eluding an officer.


If she was scared – she played it off. But we did hide like 2 little ninnies behind a dumpster for what felt like eternity.


Nelle was a big fish in a small pond when we lived in Fort Collins. She needed to move onto bigger, better things. Although Nelle is an outdoor Colorado girl through and through, she thrives in the city. I love the below pic, I took on a day trip to Clear Creek Canyon. Such a cutie.


Don’t be fooled by this one’s good looks, Nelle is one hard-working gal. Not only that, she is doing what she loves and doing it with style.


Nelle wanted to move to D.C after graduating – what did she do – moved to freaking Washington D.C. Nelle wanted to get into lobbying – what did she do? Got a freaking internship at the Capitol. Nelle was over it – so then what did she do? Decided she wanted to revolutionize bicycling, get more people on bikes, more people riding safely, and specifically reach women and encourage them to ride too. Yeah, she’s freaking awesome. You can see some of the cool stuff she does here. (which is also where I got the above & below pics)


All that above stuff is just too say, thank you Nelle. Nelle sent us a wedding gift in the mail that I thought was so heart warming. Thank you for being a good friend and for not only giving me the awesome hand painted picture, but thank you for giving me all the great memories we have together.

Nelle has always been a creative cat and I have always admired her artistic talent.  IMG_6497

Even though we don’t get to hang out and scoop spoonfuls of peanut butter into our faces on a regular basis, its one of those friendships where you might not talk for month but when you do it’s like no time at all has passed. Speaking of – call me sometime!


Lots of love to you. You make me so proud. So glad to call you my friend. When you become a millionaire – remember this nice post I wrote about you  😉


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