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Holy WOW Missy Soltero

Missy BNW-1

About a month and a half before John Henry was born, I decided I wanted to try to take some head shots, maybe, you know, break into a new line of photography.

I asked my friend, who happens to be drop dead gorgeous, Missy Soltero, to come over to help me out. Missy, who is a singing masseuse, Pilates teaching, over-all fabulous human of the year type of woman — of course said she would be right over ON HER LUNCH BREAK. This woman literally does it all.

Missy, having had a tough day, not like you can tell from the pictures, puts on a little make-up, combs her hair is in ready to go. We did take some headshots, but its the magic that always happens at the end of a session that I usually am most pleased with. Photographing Missy has always been a total and complete pleasure.

Missy eased in and out of a series of yoga poses and I just clicked away. This series of black and whites, although it’s taken me almost 4 months to go though and edit, are some of my favorite pictures I have ever taken.

And if you’re wondering, these don’t really look like headshots, well they aren’t :-p

That blog will be coming soon.

Missy BNW-2Missy BNW-3Missy BNW-4Missy BNW-5Missy BNW-6Missy BNW-7Missy BNW-8Missy BNW-9

Zoe Marie Goes to High School



Kids these days! 15 going on 25!!


Jasmine Amara

Jasmine Amara-4

Every girl probably has at least one girl crush. I actually have quite a few women who I admire, have mountains of respect for, and basically crush hard-core on in a strictly platonic, wanna-be-her-best-friend kinda way. Jasmine Amara is one of those women.

Jasmine Amara-13

Photos w/ Lauren


I love Lauren, she is one of my oldest friends. She and I use to take our little Canon point & shoots down to Sunset Beach and take “model” pictures of ourselves. Using the fancy houses on the beach as our back drop, especially their garage doors. Things haven’t really changed except I have a nicer camera and well, as you can see, when Lauren isn’t being super awesome a her marketing job – she models for realz. I went through my old pictures and I couldn’t find any of the old Sunset Beach ones, but if you scroll down to the bottom you will one of us from back in the mid-80’s 😉

A Few Minutes w/ Mousey McWhiskers


Missy, who is also known as @mouseymcwhiskers, is one of those people you just feel good about knowing – this girl is crazy funny and always up for an adventure – I seriously love her. She’s a massage therapist & pilates instructor by trade but the more I get to know her the more fun little surprises I find out… she sings, is an emoji master, & a dog whisperer. I never know what to expect from this one — just glad to know her.

Emer with the Sweet Cheeks


Emerson Amelia is just about one of the cutest babies to grace this planet. As a photographer I am so lucky to have beautiful friends with adorable babies. Thanks Hannah and Dustin for always letting me take pictures of you adorable little one.

Here We Go Again


I have been known to invest in a hobby, completely immerse myself, then unfortunately loose interest and move onto something else. Knitting, beading, salve making… learning the accordion as a kid – and probably the saddest story about when I begged to take ballet in 1st or 2nd grade. I wanted it more then anything in the world but when I showed up to class in a swimsuit and tube socks instead of the norm leotard and slipper I was shunned and ridiculed by the other little monsters… ehh, children. I dropped ballet that day and never really looked back.

A Day w/ Steve & Amo

Steve & Amy_-8

Phil and I were fortunate to meet these 2 a few years back. Amy’s parents own Rock Creek Lakes Resort, which Phil and I are both former employees of. In recent years Amy’s parents have been giving more responsibility to Amy and her now finance, Steve. Steve and Amy have been great people to work with, work for, and just all-around great people to consider friends.

Eye of the Beholder

Oct Cloud-13

Lucy and I headed out behind the house one afternoon to take some pictures of the clouds. They were moving and morphing so quickly that every time we looked up they had shifted into something different.