Trying to explain a vacation to someone is always hard to do. This is going to sound cliche but, sometimes, you just had to be there.


That being said, I’m going to ramble a little about the trip and some realizations I had, but don’t expect an actual synopsys.

Phil and I went down to Baja last month, can’t believe its already been that long ago. However, my tan is still lingering. It was a short trip but we spent hours on the beach and lots of quality time at the casita. We love Acey and Stacey so much. We wish we could have stayed longer, just to sit with them would be nice.


While we were down in Pescadero, we ate a lot of fish tacos – go figure. Not only did we eat a lot of tacos, but Stacey opened our minds to tomatillo salsa. She showed us how to make it (so easy!) and now our lives will never be the same.


It was also during the trip that Stacey pointed out a serious gap in the English language. If you have traveled to a Spanish speaking county, you may have noticed that before a meal, everyone says “Buen provecho.” Or in some European countries, you will often hear “Bon appetite.” You hear “Bon appetite” here quite a bit too to be fair, but have you ever thought that we don’t really have an all-inclusive phrase that has the same feeling or emotion as buen provecho or bon appetite?


Eating is something that should be celebrated! That being said, we all decided that “Enjoy” is about as good as it gets for us English speakers. I did a little Google search but only rendered equally disappointing terms such as “Eat,” “Chow down,” “Eat up,” and the little more elaborate “Enjoy your meal.” If there are beverages involved, you will hear “Cheers,” which I like. “Cheers” has a good feel to it.

Buen Provecho Fillipe

I’m sure there are arguments that the English language has equally as many, if not in some cases, more ways to express yourself. A little side note, I love the way “Hola” rolls off your tongue. I think I could go around all day saying it to strangers. “Hi” on the other hand, it just sounds so harsh. Like you are trying to jump out and scare someone. And “Hello” just sounds too formal. I feel in most cases my best option is to say “Howdy” but then people look at you funny. But “Howdy” does sound so much softer and kinder doesn’t it?

We are so happy we were able to visit Acey and Stacey. They are such a loving couple to be around. I would gladly take them as friends but I am so so so happy that some of my favorite people in the whole wide world are my family. We are looking forward to seeing them again in June.

Our first fish tacos of the trip

Until then, enjoy.

To see a few more Baja pictures check out my Pixieset site HERE.

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