Groovin’ into Retirement


Aunt Marylynn, Aunt Janet, Jennifer and Marguerite

Last weekend Phil and I drove down to Nipomo for Phil’s Aunt Marylynn’s 60th birthday and retirement party. It was a short trip, as we left on Saturday morning and returned Sunday afternoon, but it was rich in quality time.


Aunt Marylynn and long time best friend Louise

I love the Wiese/Mikus party. It is so different from an Aseltine party. I love all the party prep, hanging whirly-streamer things, curling ribbon, spreading confetti and of course – getting into costume.

IMG_6627The 60’s theme was supposed to be a surprise… but once happy-face pins and retro beaded necklaces came out, the surprise was quickly revealed.

Jennifer handed Marylynn a 1960’s masterpiece-of-a-top; it was knitted white with bright multi-colored horizontal stripes – complete with little bows that adorned the sleeves. Marylynn’s face clearly showed a little skepticism when we told her we wanted her to wear “WHAT??” – but once she was informed that we were ALL dressing up and that her other guests would also be willingly participating in the 1960’s theme, she warmed right up to her new groovy threads. IMG_6620

Marylynn was groovin’ till the cows came home!

From my personal photographic journey perspective, Aunt Marylynn’s party gave me an opportunity to test out the ISO on my camera. I really hadn’t cranked it up to before, trying somewhat to avoid taking pictures in low light – but I have been taking the advise of brother Acey, to shoot in all conditions. The above pictures are a tad “noisy” but hey, I’m still learning. And as Phil has suggested to me, I gotta log some serious hours behind my camera to become a professional – yup, working on it.

So happy to call this amazing group of people family.


Family Photo: Me, Phil, Mike, Jennifer and Greg

The following day, we all went to see the Dana Adobe house. We were lucky enough to catch one of the tour guides/board members on her way out – she so graciously welcomed us into the adobe home and gave us a private tour.



Three wonderfully beautiful and talented sisters

The Dana Adobe was home to Captain William Dana, his wife and their many children. Their house served as a stopping place for travelers and became one of the first places for exchange of US Mail. We were informed that when the mail arrived in a large satchel, everyone opened everyone else’s mail – it was their way of getting the news, gossip, what-have-you. It was the original social media – hand written letters.


No blog post of mine would be complete with out a portrait of my amazing, patient and kind husband Phil. Thank you Phil for always, for the most part, willingly allowing me to photograph you. You let me take zillions of photos of you, allow me to adjust the aperture, shutter speed, ISO — over and over — all in stride.

IMG_6665We took a walk early Sunday morning to get our day started. Couldn’t ask for a better confidant.


Captain Dana’s name is still on many Nipomo peoples land deeds – mineral rights



Unknown beautiful plant

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    February 16, 2015 at 10:36 am

    hi julianna marina, nice story and pics love ya…


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