Here We Go Again


I have been known to invest in a hobby, completely immerse myself, then unfortunately loose interest and move onto something else. Knitting, beading, salve making… learning the accordion as a kid – and probably the saddest story about when I begged to take ballet in 1st or 2nd grade. I wanted it more then anything in the world but when I showed up to class in a swimsuit and tube socks instead of the norm leotard and slipper I was shunned and ridiculed by the other little monsters… ehh, children. I dropped ballet that day and never really looked back.

As far as hobbies go, rock climbing has been the most consistent thing in my life. The sport and I have been going steady for about 10 years now. As this point its just about the only thing I have consistently enjoyed as a pastime.

With that being said, well, here we go again. I recently invested some $290 into printing hand drawn greeting cards. I took the doodles to Bishop Art Supply on a whim after making my mother-in-law a thank you card. My co-worker told me I should have a few printed up. She said she thought other people in town would buy them, including herself. She said she always looks for handmade stuff like that.

thank u

So with out further ado, here are the first round of Julianna Marina Greeting Cards. All cards are printed right here in Bishop, CA and all cards are personally “hand-glittered”  by yours truly.

I’m not planning on this making Phil and I millions or anything but I can honestly say, it’s a really really good feeling when someone finds joy in my little doodles.

I recently set up an Esty shop, so purchase your cards HERE. Otherwise, the cards will hopefully be sold at a couple locations in town. Stay tuned for the second wave of cards, hopefully to include: just because, happy birthday, get well among a few others.

you did it1stick fam1diamond2thinking of u1moon2miss ya1

bbygrl congratsnice work1love ya1

bbyboy congratscard back1

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  1. Jennifer Wiese

    March 20, 2016 at 3:05 pm

    Just saw these! They are great! And I love the way you photographed them!

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