Holy WOW Missy Soltero

Missy BNW-1

About a month and a half before John Henry was born, I decided I wanted to try to take some head shots, maybe, you know, break into a new line of photography.

I asked my friend, who happens to be drop dead gorgeous, Missy Soltero, to come over to help me out. Missy, who is a singing masseuse, Pilates teaching, over-all fabulous human of the year type of woman — of course said she would be right over ON HER LUNCH BREAK. This woman literally does it all.

Missy, having had a tough day, not like you can tell from the pictures, puts on a little make-up, combs her hair is in ready to go. We did take some headshots, but its the magic that always happens at the end of a session that I usually am most pleased with. Photographing Missy has always been a total and complete pleasure.

Missy eased in and out of a series of yoga poses and I just clicked away. This series of black and whites, although it’s taken me almost 4 months to go though and edit, are some of my favorite pictures I have ever taken.

And if you’re wondering, these don’t really look like headshots, well they aren’t :-p

That blog will be coming soon.

Missy BNW-2Missy BNW-3Missy BNW-4Missy BNW-5Missy BNW-6Missy BNW-7Missy BNW-8Missy BNW-9

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