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I’ve ALWAYS preferred to take pictures of people over landscapes, wildlife, etc. etc. etc. Aside from taking pictures professionally, my number one subject has been my husband, Phil — Phil LOVES having his picture taken — TOTALLY KIDDING. He tolerates it. Since John Henry was born, Phil has gotten off the picture-taking-hook.

OK, so we’re going to go down a little rabbit hole for just a sec. If John Henry wasn’t born, I probably would have never gotten this incredible jaw ache that I was experiencing a few weeks ago from clenching & grinding my teeth, turns out motherhood is quite overwhelming… and if I hadn’t gotten that horrific pain, I probably would have never sought out acupuncture to relieve it. AND if I didn’t seek out acupuncture, I for sure would have never met Jean, the amazing acupuncturist I stumbled upon.

Jean is my unexpected inspiration for taking these pictures. Hi Jean!!! Hopefully she reads this :-p

Jean dappled in photography a few years back but recently upgraded to a nicer digital camera. At my appointments we have talked a bit about photography here and there and she mentioned the photo group that she’s been attending (which I ALSO attended when we first moved to Bishop). Well, this month the theme of the group was wood & structure.

Although I unfortunately don’t think I’ll get to make it to the group, leaving Phil to single handedly care for John Henry during the witching hour just seems cruel, I thought I would pick up my camera and try to get some fun images anyway.

Thank you Jean for the inspiration! I still love taking pictures of people but I had a good time with a different subject matter. Can’t wait for next months theme.



And one John Henry picture for good measure. I love those skeptical eyes.



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