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Snowy Engagement in the Eastern Sierra


Ehren and Chelsea have a love story right out of The Office (best TV show of all time). Ehren is straight up Jim Halpert & Chelsea is Pam Beesly. The only difference is they live in Mammoth Lakes, CA  // not Scranton, PA // and ok – they don’t sell paper.


Ehren & Chelsea met at work. And Ehren told me that he sought out all opportunities to bring whatever it might be – a paperclip – to the floor that Chelsea worked on. Total Jim Halpert move. I would like to think that Ehren would, along the way, prank the Assistant to the Regional Manager as well.


When Chelsea finally got the message that her floor didn’t need anymore paper clips and that Ehren had ulterior motives the whole time // their love blossomed just like that.


It really was great getting to tag along with Minaret Photography for this engagement session. I got to capture some amazing images from the sidelines and spend the afternoon into the evening with an amazing couple.


Just like Jim & Pam, I’m sure all of Ehren & Chelsea’s family are eagerly awaiting the rest of their love story to unfold.


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