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Fall Color in Convict Lake


So many families come up from Southern California to vacation and enjoy the fall color around the Eastern Sierra. My family and I always head up to Rock Creek (definite soft spot for that canyon) but rarely get out to other places — I’m so thankful that my photography gets me out when I would probably otherwise me cuddled up at home with Phil & John Henry…. Husband + Baby = My World.

So, are you coming up from So Cal and looking for a photographer to document your family around the holidays? These photos are taken up at Convict Lake, just 15 or 20 minutes south of Mammoth Lakes. Of course there is NO shortage of beautiful locations to photograph families and loved ones, and hey! So many options just walking distance from the car.

I love wrangling kiddos although with just 6 months of mommyhood under my belt, I can’t claim I’m an expert or anything but I love being a part of the family, if even just for an hour.



Jiselle & Brett


Jiselle & Brett came down from Mammoth Lakes to get some pictures in the wild iris fields before the flowers were done for the season — the photo session just happened to turn into an impromptu engagement session! Jiselle asked Brett to marry her just a day or two before and of course — he said yes! Congratulations Jiselle & Brett!







Emerson Amelia Celebrates 1 Year


This little one isn’t stranger to the wild lands of Bishop, California. Her mom & dad make sure this little jelly bean gets lots of play time and outside adventure. She surely is going to grow up to be the kind of kid who likes to play in mud, build forts and from time to time – skins a knee or two.


Emerson’s mom is an excellent graphic designer (which it doesn’t hurt to consider her a good friend!) She and I can exchange photography, baby & family portrait sessions for design. Cough cough – notice my EP logo? That’s thanks to Emerson’s lovely mom.

Well on this Friday afternoon we all snuck out to one of the many sunflower fields and photographed this little gem just as she was, Emerson.





The sunflower fields are just about gone but Bishop California has plenty to keep a photographer busy for a lifetime. Until the next photo session.



The Bassetts


It seems like there isn’t anything more great then the love we share together. Love as a couple, love as a family. It just seems like it can’t get much better.

What a joy it was to capture some of this beautiful family’s love & goodness.



Alicia & Michael


Married in front of just a few, close family members, Alicia & Michael exchanged marriage vows in one of the Eastern Sierra’s most beautiful canyons, Rock Creek.

Small, intimate & laid back — this enchanting wedding was a dream come true.








A Botelho Baby on the Way!


These two love birds are just a couple short months away from meeting their little man. Things have warmed up quite a bit in Bishop since our wild iris photo shoot, we’re all missing the cool temps but not as much as were missing Drew & Jo. Move back anytime, it’s not the same with out you!

Rain on Your Wedding Day

Dan &amp; Amber_highlight-9

We would all probably  be lying if we said we didn’t know at least a few lyrics of Alanis Morissette’s “Ironic” — but I would hope that we all have acknowledged by now that there is nothing ironic about that song, just a couple coincidences, bad luck and major bummers. 

What a Hoppy Place



Yesterday Joe Lane, Katie Ryan, PCT thru-hiker Stonefly and I set out on a mission to pick hop shoots for the Mountain Rambler’s ever-evolving, delicious, seasonal, and mouth-watering menu.

Snowy Engagement in the Eastern Sierra


Ehren and Chelsea have a love story right out of The Office (best TV show of all time). Ehren is straight up Jim Halpert & Chelsea is Pam Beesly. The only difference is they live in Mammoth Lakes, CA  // not Scranton, PA // and ok – they don’t sell paper.

Bodie 601 & Bluegrass(ish) Music

Bodie601 BeFunky Collage

We didn’t know what we were in for when we set out for a stylized photo shoot in one of the areas most iconic places, Bodie State Historic Park. But we should have know better then to expect decently comfortable weather at Bodie this time of year. Because it was f-r-e-e-z-i-n-g. Freezing.