When Best Friends Get Married

Ceremony Highlight K+S-2When best friends get married to each other, life feels right.

And everyone in their presence just banks off of their goodness, at least for the day, and their lives feel right too.

These people are Kristen and Stephen Pfeiler.
Family Highlight K+S-2Wed in holy matrimony on June 20, 2015 @ Tinemaha Ranch in the Eastern Sierra of California. Kristen throws down in no better fashion then with a huge ass cigar. Another reason why I love these people.Family Highlight K+S-5Kristen & Stephen’s wedding theme was Lord of the Rings Elvish Royalty. Kristen is the epitome of an Elvish Queen – sorry Galadriel, Lady of Lothlórien – Kristen really nailed it here.   
Ceremony Highlight K+S-2Getting Ready Highlight K+S-2Family Highlight K+S-4Getting Ready Highlight K+S Queen and King Pfeiler and their minions.
Ceremony Highlight K+S

Welcome to married life. It rocks.

*Hugs and Kisses*

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