You Should Probably Be More Nervous

I recently joined the 2 photo groups in Bishop. They’re awesome.


Both groups meet up and critique photos on a monthly basis. Since joining the group, I have met a few new friends and have more then quadrupled my photographic resources. Everyone in the group is more then willing to lend a helping hand – or lens.

The above photo was from a recent outing to CARMA, which is located in the White Mountains. Rich, from one of the groups, took Phil and me out to learn about night photography. We got way more then we bargained for though: a tour of CARMA (which consisted of a complete tour of their server room and hearing about how CARMA and many other countries around the world are going to be tuning in, at the exact same moment in time, to “take a look” at the gigantic black hole in the center of the universe… and I thought learning photography was overwhelming). We also got an earful of astronomy, including but not limited to, very useful skill of estimating degrees in the sky. If you don’t understand what I’m talking about, don’t ask me to explain further – I really have no idea.

Shelby and Wes-31

While we were out on our night adventure, one of the other photographers told me that he use to be a wedding photographer. Using the opportunity to pick his brain a little, I told him I would be photographing my co-worker’s wedding. After he somewhat sized me up and assessed my technical skills, he asked if I was nervous to do it. I said that I wasn’t nervous, and he responded with “You probably should be.”
Shelby and Wes-78

The above photo captures Shelby’s pre-wedding nerves quite well.

I’ve never been one to get super nervous. I sorta laughed off his comment and took a mental note to keep doing my photo homework.

When you think about it, it is actually a lot of pressure! You could single handedly botch their wedding photos – thus ruining the visual evidence of their one and only special day! A day that will never be repeated!! That all rests on your shoulders.

It’s all about positive thinking though right? I try to not let myself spiral out of control with stressful, anxiety filled thoughts like that. Just. Keep. Doing. Your. Photo. Homework.
Shelby and Wes-147

Shelby and Wes got married on March 28, 2015. They were brave enough to let me document their oh-so-special day. It was an intimate backyard ceremony with only their closest friends and family.
Shelby and Wes-151 Shelby and Wes will forever be my “first.” As a photographer, I am so thankful to have friends who are supportive and want me to succeed. Below are some of my favorite photos from their wedding. Shelby and Wes-193 Shelby and Wes-301 Shelby and Wes-360 Shelby and Wes-366 Shelby and Wes-442 Shelby and Wes-464 Shelby and Wes-504 Shelby and Wes-541 Shelby and Wes-556 Shelby and Wes-616 Shelby and Wes-693 Shelby and Wes-694 Shelby and Wes-704 Shelby and Wes-725

My first wedding package. I was tickled by the little parcel that I put together. Shelby and Wes were more then happy with their pictures – I’m so glad I was able to capture their wedding day. Casey and Kris – you’re next!CD pkg

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  1. Kristen

    May 3, 2015 at 5:03 pm

    You go girl! I must say you were very composed, lively, and you just dove right in with confidence! Keep up the amazing work 🙂

  2. jan mikus

    May 5, 2015 at 2:25 pm

    beautiful job, Julie! thanks for sharing these. xo aunt jan


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